October 11, 2016

Enjoy Jazz with new homepage! World Wide Jazz - enjoyjazz.de

All music enthusiasts will now find the website enjoyjazz.de in a new design, with optimised navigation and much more jazz. The online presence has not only been given a completely new coat of paint based on the company's own corporate design, but also a new content structure. The results were also implemented in a new system, namely WordPress. The website creates a completely new user experience and, thanks to its clear structure, guides users intuitively through the festival landscape. Here, emotions are aroused through many large images and videos and jazz is made tangible. Of course, the new logically structured system also makes the content easy to maintain. The new website was implemented by partner xmachina, who have supported the Enjoy Jazz Festival with ideas and know-how since the very beginning.

"The website offers a fresh layout that is more geared towards use with different devices. Visitors get all the information they need quickly, specifically and with just a few clicks," says Michael Grüterich, Managing Director of xmachina,

"We are proud to be a supporter from the very beginning," Klaus Mueller, Managing Director of xmachina. "Innovative ideas, new sounds, constant movement and never standing still connect us just as much as the high demand for quality and the love of music."

To the new website enjoyjazz.de.

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