Mission statement

Our international festival makes improvised music in all its artistic and sensual diversity tangible for people in the region and far beyond - since 1999.

"Jazz isn't dead. It just smells funny."

- Frank Zappa

Our corporate culture

We are guided by the principle of sustainability in order to give future generations the same opportunities for a dignified life that we claim for ourselves today. We are committed to preserving and promoting the social, economic, ecological and cultural foundations of the good life. As a non-profit company, our focus is on the common good, not the pursuit of profit.


We work creatively on a creative product. With unbridled enthusiasm and many years of experience, we create a diverse festival program that inspires and delights us and others. This requires the openness to give new things a stage and the courage to give different genres, formats, styles and art forms the appropriate space across categories.


We shape culture that shapes society. By reflecting on our work and processes, we simultaneously consider their social and artistic framework. The freedom to create culture also means bearing responsibility for society. We enable cultural participation and pay attention to accessibility.

Environmental awareness


We consume resources to create value. Even though as a cultural enterprise we are not decisively responsible for emissions, we review and reduce the resource consumption of our office operations and events. However, we see the main task of culture as emotionally experiencing the social, economic, ecological and cultural foundations of the good life and recognizing the entitlement of future generations to enjoy them.


We are many on one planet. Understanding of a shared humanity emerges only when culture and art can represent the multiplicity of perspectives, experiences, and realities that exist in our society. But exclusive structures are also prevalent in culture. It is our duty to create spaces where all can feel equally comfortable and express themselves.