Art poster

Shaping the festival artistically

Artistic collaboration at Enjoy Jazz

The year 2021 marked the start of the cooperation between the Enjoy Jazz Festival and an artist with the aim of designing an art poster as a figurehead for the festival.

With the support of Claes Nordenhake and Galerie Nordenhake, the Nigerian-Norwegian artist Frida Orupabo could be won for the kick-off. In her works, she deals with the crimes of colonialism and their effects up to the present day as well as with racism and gender stereotypes. Orupabo's works have been shown in numerous exhibitions in museums, as well as at the art biennials in Venice and Saō Paulo.
In the course of this cooperation, the festival would like to invite artists who are inspired by jazz and improvised music to create their art or who reflect on their sound biography to design the artistic festival poster or to provide an existing motif for the design.

An accompanying exhibition is also planned, in which a selection of the artist's works would be shown.

Frida Orupabo

(Credit Kyrre Skjelby Kristoffersen)

Festival Poster 2021

(Credit Frida Orupabo)


Enjoy Jazz, the festival for jazz and more, presents itself for the 24th time this year and takes place from 02 October to 12 November 2022. For six and a half weeks, the festival offers top-class, extremely diverse events with a focus on jazz, but also related genres such as classical music, pop, rock, hip hop or electro.