Nout & Boolvar

Saturday, October 26, 2024, Villa Nachttanz Heidelberg

Nout & Boolvar

Gigantonium Label Evening

The missing link between Nirvana and Sun Ra, this collaboration between Delphine Joussein, Rafaëlle Rinaudo and Blanche Lafuente aims to push their instruments to their limits with the enthusiasm of a mad scientist in front of his vials. Flute, harp, percussion: a rare combination that this trio turns on its head. Echoing John Zorn's experiences on the border between jazz and noise, Nout imagines his music as a scenario with surprising twists and turns: "We think we're Ellen Ripley in Alien, but we find ourselves in Indiana Jones; we start with our eyes closed on the red movie seat and end up rocking in a mosh pit."

"Boolvar is a 21st century krautrock manifesto, timeless enough to distill psychotic and weird energy." Citizen Jazz

"Delphine Joussein and Sheik Anorak have an enormous imagination and lead us down the slippery paths of a post-jazz with the look of metal rock that never exceeds the limits of its possibilities." Jazzaround


Sylvain Gripoix

At a glance

Start: Saturday, October 26, 2024, 21:00

Admission: 20:30

Location: Villa Nachttanz Heidelberg, Im Klingenbühl 6, Heidelberg, 69123, Germany


Tickets: 18,60 €

Box office: 20 €

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Delphine Joussein : fl, effects
Rafaëlle Rinaudo : harp
Blanche Lafuente : dr


Delphine Joussein : fl, voice, effects
Sheik Anorak : dr


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