Appeal in view of the war in Ukraine

Enjoy Jazz supports the following appeal of the AG Kulturvision of the Rhine-Neckar Metropolitan Region:

Cohesion in the face of the war in Ukraine:
"This is Putin's war, not that of Russian artists".

In view of the war in Ukraine, the AG Kulturvision of the Rhine-Neckar Metropolitan Region, chaired by the Lord Mayor of the City of Mannheim, Dr. Peter Kurz, warns against rejecting people of Russian origin and Russian culture. A boycott of Russian art and culture and all forms of exclusion send the wrong signals: The war of aggression on Ukraine is the Russian president's war and respect is due to the people in Russia who - often at the risk of their lives - are working there for peace, for human rights, for artistic and media freedom. It is important to recognise and strengthen the positive civil society forces in Russia and to maintain cohesion in Germany.
Our full support goes to the people in Ukraine. They are fighting for their lives, self-determination and democracy, but also for Europe. We must help the people in Ukraine. And: we must give the refugees of this war protection in our country.
Art and culture are universal. Artists can thus make a particularly important contribution to dialogue.