Coboc x Enjoy Jazz

From an idea in a backyard workshop to a companion for electric mobility: with the innovative e-bike manufacturer Coboc, we have a new partner and supporter at our side since this year. Enjoy Jazz and Coboc are not only connected by their shared home of Heidelberg, but also by their commitment to sustainability. We met up with Bastian Panni for an interview.

For all those who don't know Coboc yet, please introduce yourself and the company briefly. briefly.

Bastian Panni: Hi, I'm Basti and I've been working in marketing at Coboc for three years. Who and, above all, what is Coboc? We are a manufacturer of exceptionally lightweight, timelessly elegant e-bikes and, just like you, we are based here in Heidelberg. We started out over twelve years ago as a pioneer of slim e-bikes with a completely purist approach. Over the years, however, our product portfolio has become so versatile that there is a model for almost every purpose.

What is special about your e-bikes?

BP: The combination of aesthetics, intuitive operation, low weight and our high quality standards. Our e-bikes not only make everyday life easier by allowing you to quickly carry them over urban obstacles such as stairs or take them with you on the train, they are also incredibly fun - whether they are ridden with or without the support of the motor. When designing our e-bikes, our product development team pays a great deal of attention to detail and is guided by our DNA, which perfectly describes our models and summarizes our approach in three simple words: Slim. Simple. Sleek.

What is your mission?

BP: Our founders started out with the simple yet ingenious idea of building an e-bike that not only works well, but also looks damn good. This is still a fundamental part of our mission. We simply want to show that e-bikes are no longer these somewhat ugly and heavy means of transportation. E-bikes are stylish and incredibly fun - in every situation. Even if you are not yet a two-wheeler enthusiast, I can only recommend that you try out an e-bike. Preferably one of ours, of course.

Where do you produce your bikes?

BP: Our e-bikes are assembled together with partner companies in Germany and are therefore "Made in Germany". Of course, it must also be said that not every single part comes from Germany. However, this is the rule in the e-bike industry, as
suppliers of high-quality components also produce in other countries.

Hand on heart: What happens to the batteries afterwards? How are they disposed of?

BP: Because we develop elementary components of our Coboc Electric Drive system ourselves, we can identify individual defective parts here in Heidelberg, repair them directly and recycle the functional elements. If, for example, batteries can no longer be salvaged, they are professionally recycled. However, we are constantly working on processes to be able to return as many components as possible to the cycle.

Why is it interesting for you to cooperate with EJ?

BP: Just like Coboc, Enjoy Jazz stands for a pioneering spirit, innovation and the enjoyment of life's beautiful moments. Together, we want to share the joy of mobility and culture.

We are already looking forward to working with Coboc in the coming years.

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