DePhazz soon sold out. Also, only a few remaining tickets for concerts at special venues!

Sold out soon: The Heidelberg collective DePhazz captivates with an impressive and rousing mix of electronic and acoustic. The 20th anniversary concert of DePhazz is almost sold out. The highly coveted last tickets are available here!

Few tickets: Youn Sun Nah surprises audiences and critics once again with a bold career move. The new album "She Moves On" was produced in New York with musicians from John Zorn's circle and sounds like it, namely at times ravishingly raw and unpolished. The first category is sold out by now, there are only a few tickets left in the second and third price categories !

Few tickets for extraordinary concerts at special venues:

Oren Ambarchi has been known in relevant circles for more than 20 years for his unpredictable and extremely productive versatility. There are only a few remaining tickets for his concert on 03 October in the Klosterkirche Lobenfeld.

Even if you won't see the Klaus Gasteiger Quartet at the Concert in the Dark with ICQ4 on 16 October at the Schloss-Schule Ilvesheim: You will hear and be amazed all the more intensely! The coveted tickets for this special musical experience are available here.

In this year's concert series Late Night Stranger, Enjoy Jazz presents music in special places and at unusually late hours. No wonder that there are only a few remaining tickets for Laura Perrudin 's concert on 04 November at Café Prag in Mannheim.