Cymin Samawatie Sextet, Kahil El'Zabar Quartet, Club Night, Film, Performances

Monday, October 2, 2023, Karlstorbahnhof

Cymin Samawatie Sextet, Kahil El'Zabar Quartet, Club Night, Film, Performances

25 years ago, the first Enjoy Jazz Festival was launched in the Karlstorbahnhof. It is only logical that the new Karlstorbahnhof also hosts the glittering opening party for the anniversary edition - with a packed program that fills not only the evening, but also the night.

In the hall it starts at 7 pm with a festive speech. At 19.30 the stage belongs to the singer, composer and pianist Cymin Samawatie and her sextet.

Samawatie is known for combining Persian texts with contemporary music. Between improvisation and composition, she has found her own way of cultural mediation. This will be followed by the opening reception with DJ CMB, and then, at 10 p.m., another highlight: legendary percussionist and composer Kahil El'Zabar, member of the AACM and founder of the Ethnic Heritage Ensemble. El'Zabar has worked with Wadada Leo Smith, Lester Bowie, Archie Shepp, Pha- roah Sanders, David Murray, Stevie Wonder and Nina Simone, to name a few. He has made records as a leader that show him not only as a percussionist carrying on African tradition lines, but also as a multi-instrumentalist. His more recent recordings with a fantastic quartet - including shooting star Isaiah Collier on saxophone - provoke terms like "avant-garde," "spiritual jazz," "improvised soul," but El'Zabar's timeless mastery doesn't need such attributions. If you think that's all you can do in one evening - far from it. DJs will be spinning all night in the hall as well as in the headquarters and the club, and at the same time there will be a screening of the Afro-futuristic science fiction musical film "Neptune Frost" in the cinema (showing at 23.30). And in the Tik, the concert action "We In a Box" with Everline Odero aka Pepe (punching bag) and Joss Turnbull (percussion) will run from 23.15. Also opening, we present one of Japan's hottest electronic music imports at the moment: producer Koshiro Hino's duo Kakuhan with cellist Yuki Nakagawa released their acclaimed debut album "Metal Zone" last year, whose cybernetic beats and unusual sonic textures create a highly exciting club sound.

In any case, you won't get to bed early at this opening and anniversary celebration. How good it is to be able to sleep in on October 3 ...

Three different tickets can be purchased for the Grand Opening:


Cymin Samawatie Sextet + Kahil El'Zabar Quartet + Party - All Night Ticket

Admission: 18:00 | Start: 19:00öffnung_allnight


Kahil El'Zabar Quartet + Party + Performances - Rest of the Night Ticket

Admission 21:30 | Start 22:00öffnung_RestoftheNight


Enjoy Jazz Opening Party + Performances - End of the Night

Admission 23:00 | Start 23:00öffnung_EndoftheNight


At a glance

Start: Monday, October 2, 2023, 19:00

Admission: 18:00

Location: Karlstorbahnhof, Marlene-Dietrich Platz 3, Heidelberg, Baden-Württemberg, 69126, Germany

Seating: partially seated


Box office: 43 EUR

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Cymin Samawatie : p, voc
Mona Matbou-Riahi : cl
Maria Reich : va
Naoko Kikuchi : koto
Milian Vogel : bcl, elec
Ketan Bhatti : dr, elec

Kahil El'Zabar : dr, perc, chant
Corey Wilkes : tr
Justin Dillard : key
Alex Harding : sax

AZLAY : dj
CMB : dj
DJ K : dj, elec
Vilify : dj

Joss Turnbull : perc
Everline Odero aka Pepe : punching bag

Koshiro Hino : elec
Yuki Nakagawa : vc


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