Meet the Festivals w/ DJ Ubbo Gronewold

Friday, October 13, 2023, Syte Hotel

Meet the Festivals w/ DJ Ubbo Gronewold

During the festival takeovers, not only the performing artists but also the festival organizers are guests at Enjoy Jazz, but also the festival organizers are guests at Enjoy Jazz. Since the Syte Hotel acts as the center of this focus anyway, we want to give our visitors the opportunity visitors the possibility to talk to the festival makers in a relaxed way and away from the events. with the festival organizers - and that with good drinks and a cool DJ set. drinks and a cool DJ set in the no less cool bar of the hotel.

Ubbo Gronewold is a DJ and radio producer and also works as a booker. He has always been closely connected to jazz and will present a jazz record from the extensive collection he inherited from his father in full length at the listening session at Syte. Afterwards there will be a DJ set with current and upcoming releases from around the globe.

Capacity is limited. Please register at



At a glance

Start: Friday, October 13, 2023, 21:00


Location: Syte Hotel, Tattersallstraße 2, Mannheim, 68165, Germany

Seating: partially seated


Box office: free admission


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