Concert and presentation of the Christian Broecking Award

Terri Lyne Carrington: Seen / Unseen

Sunday, October 29, 2023, National Theater, Old Franklin Cinema

Terri Lyne Carrington: Seen / Unseen

w/ Live visuals by Mickalene Thomas - European Premiere

Terri Lyne Carrington originally wrote the piece for a 100-piece orchestra: The four-movement composition "Seen/Unseen" was commissioned by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), for which the highly acclaimed composer, percussionist and activist Carrington teamed up with video artist Mickalene Thomas.

With her images, Thomas reacts to the music like an instrumentalist, rhythmically, improvising, taking the themes further: for example, recordings of the everyday life and culture of black citizens are coupled with visualizations of slave transports and mistreatment.

During the event, Terri Lyne Carrington will receive the "Christian Broecking Award for Arts Education", offered by Enjoy Jazz with the support of the Manfred Lautenschläger Foundation. You can find more about the award in our magazine.


At a glance

Start: Sunday, October 29, 2023, 20:00

Admission: 19:00

Location: National Theater, Altes Kino Franklin, Abraham-Lincoln-Allee 1, Mannheim, Baden-Württemberg, 68309

Seating: se ated

Tickets: 14 EUR - 52 EUR

Box office: 14 - 52 EUR

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Terri Lyne Carrington : dr, bandleader
Mickalene Thomas : visuals
Edmar Colon : Conductor
Val Jeanty : Dj, perc
Simon Moullier : vibraphone, marimba
Orrin Evans : p
Christiana Hunt : dancer
Joe Sanders : b
Elena Pinderhughes : fl
Grégoire Maret : harmonica

String Quartet / Wind Quartet

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