Tord Gustavsen Trio

Thursday, October 13, 2022, engelhorn fashion square

Tord Gustavsen Trio

In connection with Tord Gustavsen's work and especially his new trio album "Opening", the term "relaxed" is often mentioned. However, anyone who wants to understand this as a synonym for "thoughtful" or even "harmless" is on the wrong track: relaxed is rather another word for freedom, for the sovereign handling of the available means, for an opening towards the immediate. This freedom and sovereignty is the result of a long process. Since the end of the 90s, the currently probably most influential Norwegian pianist has been playing in a trio together with the drummer Jarle Vespestad. The current line-up includes Steinar Raknes on bass for the first time, and he fits seamlessly into the ensemble. One of Gustavsen's most remarkable achievements, which stands out on the new record, is the self-confident demand for absolute concentration. This implies something fundamental. Against the nervousness of the present, the frenzy of everyday life, of being rushed, he asserts a contemplative attitude. This is transmitted to his listeners. Filigree and cautious, the folkloristic is interwoven with classical jazz; there is an unbreakable trust in melodies; the chains of harmony are seductive, sometimes surprising, never disturbing. The band literally listens into the songs, which in turn seem to reveal stories. When electronic instruments are used, it is not as an alienating element. Rather, they energetically charge this mystical space created by Gustavsen, Raknes and Vespestad. As a child and young musician, Gustavsen, born in Oslo in 1970, once recalled, he played in churches and pubs. And he combined his classical training with writing his own songs and gospel music. You can still hear that in his compositions and interpretations today.


At a glance

Start: Thursday, October 13, 2022, 20:00

Admission: 19:30

Location: engelhorn Mode im Quadrat, O5 1, Mannheim, Baden-Württemberg, 68161, Germany

Seating: se ated

Tickets: 40,60 EUR

Box office:

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Tord Gustavsen : p, electronics
Steinar Raknes : kb, electronics
Jarle Vespestad : dr


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