Mashrou' Leila in advance booking: 20 years - 20 euros

At the closing ceremony of Enjoy Jazz's festival anniversary, visitors will experience a very special reunion: The Lebanese band Mashrou' Leila, which already caused pure euphoria at the opening concert in 2016, will round off the festival on 16 November in Heidelberg's Stadthalle with an energetic and dance-friendly birthday party.
The lyrics of the band around singer Hamed Sinno turn against corruption as well as violence against women and homosexuals. The quintet's counter-proposal is: religious freedom and tolerance towards queer sexuality. The fact that the band also sings their lyrics in Arabic is an even more important statement, especially in the heated political situation.

In celebration of the special 2018 concert, the interior is unseated to give visitors the greatest possible freedom of movement this time. Of course, there will also be seats in the gallery. Tickets for the final concert of the 20th edition are available at an exclusive birthday price of 20 € plus advance booking fee. Let's all celebrate Enjoy Jazz's anniversary together with a sensational band!