Matthias Spindler died

The journalist and historian Matthias Spindler is dead. He was as well known for his numerous radio features on jazz as for his extremely knowledgeable and yet always finely balanced music reviews, which appeared in specialist magazines and daily newspapers. And this pioneer of private radio had a second passion: history. A historian by training, he devoted himself to researching separatism in the Palatinate. His last of numerous articles about Enjoy Jazz in the "Mannheimer Morgen" dealt, appropriately enough, with a historical event: the presumably nationwide last live concert before the November lockdown in 2020 and thus the first interruption in the more than 20-year history of our festival. With Matthias Spindler, jazz has lost an interdisciplinary-thinking and empathetic-writing companion. His passionate ability for clever, always multidimensional criticism will be missed. And very much so. Our thoughts are with those whose privilege it was to know this wonderful journalist and ever curious person even better than we did.

Photo: Manfred Rinderspacher