July 23, 2016

Press release Enjoy Jazz opening and closing concert

One of the most beautiful examples of how ideology can be undermined by the reality of life and how the reality of life is echoed in art can be experienced live this year at the opening concert of Enjoy Jazz with Mashrou'Leila. Much has been written about the emancipative potential of this band from Lebanon, but above all it is their danceable musical style between Phoenix and Arcade Fire with Arabic influences and jazz elements that ultimately inspire the audience in storms. Enjoy Jazz is especially pleased to present this unique band as the opening of the 18th festival.
Also with the closing concert Enjoy Jazz 2106 can once again announce a genuinely own programme. On 23 September 2016 John Coltrane would have turned 90. Reason enough to honour his music with a "tribute" at the finale of this year's festival. Archie Shepp, who followed in John Coltrane's footsteps not only musically but also socio-politically with his music and the message it conveys, will this year take to the stage a band specially put together by him and Rainer Kern that will more than do justice to the legacy of his mentor. The cards for an appropriately creative "tribute" are therefore well mixed, especially since Archie Shepp recognised early on: "Only Coltrane could sound like Coltrane!"

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