Enjoy Jazz Summer 2017

Before seven weeks of 'Enjoy Jazz!' begin again in October, all music aficionados in the Rhine-Neckar metropolitan region can look forward to three first-class jazz concerts as part of the International Festival for Jazz and Other in the summer! The first of these will be in May with Californian Joshua Redman and his trio around Reuben Rogers and Greg Hutchinson at the Alte Feuerwache in Mannheim. From jazz to rock & pop to world music, Redman is well versed in all genres and regularly sets new standards rather than mere scent marks. July continues with Tini Thomsen's MaxSax: The Hamburg-born saxophonist focuses on energy instead of resting pulse. Foo Fighters instead of Gerry Mulligan, Queens of the Stone Age instead of Pepper Amdams - going full throttle is her speciality. The five-member formation is now coming to the metropolitan region this summer. One thing is for sure: it won't be boring. The Korean quartet Black String will close the Enjoy Jazz Summer series: How do you create musical originality that builds on the tried and tested? The four-member formation succeeds in doing so with an individual mix of Korean-tinged sounds and jazzy borrowings that rely on improvisation. Here, different instruments meet in an unmistakable combination: from traditional folkloric sounds of the Geomun-go and percussion to the modern sound of the jazz guitar. Black String: the insider tip of the summer!

31 May 2017, Joshua Redman Trio, Alte Feuerwache Mannheim,
Admission 19:00, Start 20:00, Ticket VVK 30 € plus fees / AK 35 €

2 July 2017, Tini Thomsen's MaxSax, Karlstorbahnhof Heidelberg,
Admission 19:00, Start 20:00, Ticket VVK 18 € plus fees / AK 22

5 July 2017, Black String, DasHaus Ludwigshafen,
Admission 19:00, Start 20:00, Ticket VVK 20 € plus fees / AK 25 €