Bendik Giske X Queer Festival

Saturday, October 28, 2023, Karlstorbahnhof

Bendik Giske X Queer Festival

Q Party afterwards

The physicality of the creation of music is rarely as physically tangible for the audience as it is for Bendik Giske. Circular breathing enables him to play endless tones and tone sequences without audible interruptions. This is instrumental technique, but also a meditative state of mind.

For, whoever gets involved in the loss of the usual rhythmic breathing can use the gained freedom artistically. Referring to the terminology of queer theorist José Muñoz, Giske's body music could be assigned to the phenomenon of queer time, a collectively felt detachment from the generally accepted chronology. At first glance, Giske names contrary associations such as traditional dances from Bali and the electronic machine music of his adopted home Berlin when he describes his music. And yet he concedes cosmic harmony a habitat in his music: "It forces its way into the cracks of our perceived reality in order to explore it for its beauty."


Afterwards it continues with the Q Party with Dana Montana

Born in Zaporizhzhya, Ukraine, Dana Montana brings a long awaited versatility to the club scene. Inspired by the sound and insane party energy of the 90s, she takes you on a musical journey from GheFotech & Electro to Techno & Hardcore. As a resident of the infamous "Drag Me To Hell" nights and owner* of LOVEGROOVE she secured the promising title "soundtrack of dancefloor makeouts".

Born in Zaporozhye, Ukraine, this young DJ is introducing long awaited versality into the club scene. Inspired by the sound and the insane party energy of the 90s, Dana Montana will take you on a musical journey throughout sassy sounds of GheFotech & Electro, up into banging Techno & Hardcore. As a proud resident of the infamous 'Drag Me To Hell' nights and owner of LOVEGROOVE , she's claimed her juicy title as the "soundtrack of dancefloor makeouts".

The Q is a party series by queer people for queer people and their allies. Our goal is to offer all queer people a space for free expression. For this very reason, it is important that you are aware of how much space you take up at the party and how you treat each other. Our party is a place where the boundaries of our fellow human beings are treated respectfully. Consequently, we do not tolerate border crossings or any form of discrimination, be it sexist, queer hostile, racist or any other kind.


At a glance

Start: Saturday, October 28, 2023, 20:00

Admission: 19:00

Location: Karlstorbahnhof, Marlene-Dietrich Platz 3, Heidelberg, Baden-Württemberg, 69126, Germany

Seating: se ated

Tickets: 24,1 EUR

Box office: 28 EUR

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