Julia Kadel solo

Thursday, November 2, 2023, Karlstorbahnhof

Julia Kadel solo

Julia Kadel's recordings - whether in trio or duo - are contemporary, unconventional, multifaceted and intense. Somewhere between free and new music. The fact that she is also committed to the visibility of queer jazz musicians makes it clear that she does not locate her existence as an instrumentalist in a space far removed from politics.

"Powerful Vulnerability" is the very fitting title of her latest trio album, because the fragility, the doubts, the insecurity hidden in vulnerability have a productive power for Kadel: those who are vulnerable can let themselves be touched, discover layers that would bounce off an armored body. This is especially true in a solo project: the unprotectedness simultaneously creates an immense openness and permeability. When Julia Kadel sits alone at the piano, it is even denser, more intimate, more expressive than in dialogue with other musicians. Every solo performance is a risk - but the gain is immeasurable.


At a glance

Start: Thursday, November 2, 2023, 20:00

Admission: 19:00

Location: Karlstorbahnhof, Marlene-Dietrich Platz 3, Heidelberg, Baden-Württemberg, 69126, Germany

Seating: se ated


Box office: 24 EUR

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