Jaimie Branch - an obituary (* 17.06.1983 + 22.08.2022)

The world of jazz remains trapped in mourning mode. On august 22nd, at the age of just 39, the boundlessly talented, bitingly original trumpeter, singer and composer Jaimie Branch died, possessed of a pleasant self-irony, breaking all the rules in both her playing and her thinking. Enjoy Jazz visitors know only too well: her concerts were intoxicating full-body-soul events. In October we actually wanted to witness this intoxicating and truly unique art again, this time in the Duo Anteloper. That is now no longer possible. Trumpet colleague Dave Douglas aptly said about Jaimie Branch: "She had a vision for synthesizing the voices of her inspirations and taking them to new levels". On her homepage there is a quote that has now become a kind of legacy: "All the music that ever was and ever will be is here now. It exists in a cloud just above our heads and when we play, we pluck it out of the ether for a lil while before sending it back up." So now Jaimie Branch has ascended with her music itself into the freedom of this heaven of enduring musical ideas. And we are left, along with the pain, with the certainty that she will emerge from the ether many more times.

A tribute concert for Jaimie Breezy Branch will now take place on the day of the event: Under the motto "4evaBreezy", her musical companions and friends Jason Nazary (her duo partner in Anteloper) and Lester St. Louis will bring a musical tribute to the stage: with improvisations and new music inspired by the great composer and trumpeter, as well as pieces from Anteloper and the Jaimie Branch record "Fly or Die".

With your ticket you can now attend the tribute concert or return this very ticket.