Matthias Brandt & Jens Thomas as guests in Heidelberg on 23 January 2017

When one of Germany's most famous actors writes a highly acclaimed book and a musician who has been awarded the SWR Jazz Prize releases an album at the same time, then it is a collaboration that seems to be made for an annual opening of the Karlstorbahnhof in cooperation with the Enjoy Jazz Festival.

Somewhere between a reading and a concert lies the genre that Matthias Brandt and Jens Thomas have newly founded and into which their latest project, released in September 2016, also falls. In "LIFE - Space Patrol & Memory Boy", Matthias Brandt's new book "Space Patrol" and Jens Thomas' new album "Memory Boy", created at the same time and closely connected, meet on stage in a word-music collage. Their stories and songs are journeys into a cosmos that everyone knows, but which is examined here with a very special eye: the cosmos of their own childhood. While Thomas' songs come across as musical short stories, each of which creates worlds with its own unique sound, Brandt's stories take us on a literary journey into a childhood in Bonn in the 1970s with bonanza bicycles, "Three by Nine" TV nights and a father who had just been Chancellor.

On 23 January 2017, the two can be seen in the Heidelberg Stadthalle.

Admission 19.00, Start 20.00

1st category: AK: 33 €, VVK: 28 € + VVK fee
Category: AK: 29 €, VVK: 25 € + VVK fee

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