Opening and closing at Enjoy Jazz are set!

The year 2017 marks the "Century of Jazz" due to the creation of the first record in 1917, which was a jazz record. The medium of the record resulted in the mass distribution of jazz and its sudden entry into broad social circles. It was thus not only responsible for a rapid rise of the newly emerging musical genre, but also part of one of the bobbies that jazz carried from then on, namely to stand up for freedom, equality and justice. This is what jazz still does 100 years later with unbroken strength and irrepressible radiance. Following this, the Enjoy Jazz Festival celebrates the "Century of Jazz" in its 19th edition, both in recollection of its roots and with a courageous look into the future.

A great highlight within this framework is without a doubt one of the giants of the 20th century, who not only had John Coltrane as his mentor as a role model, but was soon to become an icon himself for the following generations. Archie Shepp turned 80 this year and the Enjoy Jazz Festival is dedicating a very special evening to this 'anniversary within an anniversary'. On 28 October, BASF SE will present a co-production of the Enjoy Jazz Festival with the Parisian festival 'Jazz a la Villette'. Together they will bring a German premiere to the stage of BASF's Feierabendhaus. Archie Shepp's Art Songs and Spirtituals will celebrate its world premiere at the Paris Philharmonie beforehand and then be performed in concert for the first time in Germany on 28.10.

As part of the "Century of Jazz", the Enjoy Jazz Festival also refers to the European roots of jazz. Inspired by swing, one musician was considered the inventor and pioneer of Sinti jazz and became an almost unrivalled icon: Django Reinhardt not only introduced the first style of jazz to emerge in Europe, but also produced a number of disciples, among whom one is still considered his veritable successor today: Biréli Lagrène will join the Django Memories Quartet - which recorded the film music for the 2017 film 'Django - a Life for Music' - at the Enjoy Jazz closing concert to evoke the memory of the old master.

Before taking a look back into the history of jazz, the Enjoy Jazz Festival will first give a preview of the present and the future of jazz at its opening: The jazz singer, who was born in Illinois Somiwhose parents come from Rwanda and Uganda, now lives in Harlem, New York. In her music, she combines the most diverse influences from Africa to New York, from African-tinged grooves to velvety soft jazz vocals, but also influences from hip hop and the like can be heard. A great singer who has an outstanding career in jazz singing ahead of her and who will undoubtedly have a decisive influence on the next 100 years of jazz.

The programme has also been supplemented with further highlights. You can find an insight here.