SWR Jazz Award on the radio

In good tradition, the award ceremony of the SWR Jazzpreis 2022 took place again at Enjoy Jazz in dasHaus Ludwigshafen. The live recording of the SWR Jazzpreisträgerkonzert with the Swedish bassist Petter Eldh will now be broadcast on 18.01.2023 as part of a SWR2 NOWJazz Session between 21:05 and 22:00 on SWR2 . Afterwards, the recording will be available on the SWR2 website. The recordings of the concerts of Elina Duni & Rob Luft and the Jan Garbarek Group feat. Trilok Gurtu at Enjoy Jazz 2022 will follow. As soon as the dates hhierüf are fixed, we will inform you.

SOUTHWEST RADIO SWR Jazz Prize 2022 to Petter Eldh - double bassist, bandleader and composer from Berlin receives Germany's oldest jazz prize The 2022 SWR Jazz Prize, awarded jointly by the state of Rhineland-Palatinate and Südwestrundfunk, will go to Berlin-based Swedish double bassist, bandleader and composer Petter Eldh. The prize will be presented on October 10 as part of the "Enjoy Jazz" international festival in Ludwigshafen. Petter Eldh © SWR/privat, free of charge - use in accordance with the general terms and conditions in the context of close, company-related reporting in the SWR context if "Image: SWR/privat" (S2), SWR Presse/Bildkommunikation, Baden-Baden, Tel: 07221/929-24429, foto@swr.de

Date: December 21, 2022