Enjoy Jazz selected as one of Europe's best Music Festivals 2018

"Summer is the ideal time to dive into your love for music, while connecting with fun and like-minded communities. Music festivals are just the place for these connections, offering a combination of legendary performances and carefree vibes that remind you how to let loose and live a little. Or a lot! But, because there are so many excellent options, it can be tricky to decide which festivals you'll add to your list. Luckily, there's something perfect out there for everyone, especially amongst the rich cultures of Europe.

We've researched every festival that Europe has to offer, and landed on the best of the best. Not only do these festivals feature everything from bike tours and super quirky secret venues, to roaming acrobats and floating concerts, but they're all situated in many of the most intriguing areas of Europe. Whether you're in the mood for a one-day musical extravaganza, or a month-long festival journey across Europethis list will get you well on your way to crafting an unforgettable summer."

Flight Network is looking out for the most impressive and rewarding festivals each year to go to in Europe, and yes, this year its our turn! The Enjoy Jazz Festival has been selected as one of Europe's best Music Festivals 2018! We are so honored and thankful, but also really proud about Flight Network's choice! Especially within the framework of our twentieth anniversary this year. So thank you very, very much!