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Coboc x Enjoy Jazz

From an idea in a backyard workshop to a companion for electric mobility: with the innovative e-bike manufacturer Coboc, we have a new partner since this ...
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Ornette Coleman - "There is something in each individual that has the quality to make him a better person by virtue of his heart and soul."

(Note: The following text is an article from Jazz Podium 09/15.) Ornette Coleman, who died on June 11, 2015 at the age of 85 from ...
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Archie Shepp - "It was a challenge for every musician to play with Trane"

Archie Shepp was a close friend and intensively supported companion of the style-defining saxophonist John Coltrane and is himself regarded today as an icon of the free ...
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"Everything is self-explanatory in music" - Biréli Lagrène

For a long time, Biréli Lagröne was primarily perceived as the most important administrator of Django Reinhardt's legacy. Celebrated as a child prodigy, who already at the age of twelve ...
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"You can't make yourself a jazz musician - you are one!" - Sonny Rollins

Exactly 60 years ago, he was effectively elevated to the status of "Saxophone Colossus" by the marketing manager of his record company at the time: Sonny Rollins, now 85, is today the ...
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The godfather of cool - Lee Konitz

There is something eerily correct about the fact that Lee Konitz, of all people, is the last living musician to work on what is now regarded as the groundbreaking "Birth ...
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"Music is breadth and depth" - Gary Peacock

Gary Peacock is a fixed point in the history of jazz over the last 60 years that can hardly be overestimated. He began his career in the mid-1950s in Germany, where he ...
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School of listening - Joe Lovano

Music can very quickly become secondary. When Joe Lovano presented his new project with Dave Douglas as co-leader at the Enjoy Jazz Festival, ...
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Avant-garde as practice and attitude - Peter Brötzmann

On June 22, 2023, the great Peter Brötzmann passed away, one of those hand-picked German jazz musicians who made a resounding impression globally, including in the motherland of jazz.
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